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Harrison High School
Harrison High School
Students dressed in formal attire stand with American flag, performers blow a kiss to the camera, students pose with gift boxes and Christmas socks and a crowd of students on bleachers pose together
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There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Visit our News page to learn about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more. 

Thank You, Mr. Wheeler

Monday, March 18 through Friday, March 22 is School Board Appreciation Week in Georgia. School board members are responsible for setting educational and personnel policies, providing buildings and equipment, operating a transportation system, and approving the school system budget, among other education-related responsibilities. Probably few people in our community are aware of the level of commitment and the hours involved in being a school board member, especially in a district the size of Cobb County. Here at Harrison, we are very fortunate to have Mr. Brad Wheeler representing our school. Mr. Wheeler genuinely cares about our school and often attends our events. Thank you, Mr. Wheeler, for all you do for Harrison and the Cobb County School District.

High School Spirit Cards

LGE Community Credit Union has created high school spirit cards where each high school in our district will have their own VISA card (debit or credit) that contains their unique high school mascot logo along with the logos for LGE and Cobb County School District. Get yours today!

A sample LGE Community Credit Union VISA credit card design with the Harrison High School logo, bulldog mascot and Cobb County School District logo.
Civic Engagement Diploma Seal

The state of Georgia is offering a civic engagement diploma seal to graduating seniors who meet certain requirements in coursework, knowledge of American government, community service, and civic engagement activities. Information on the seal is available online.

First in State

200 Free Relay team of Emily Kelly, Laura Kate Dekle, Kamden Batchik, and Camryn Lewis finished first in the state, and broke their own school record with a time of 1:38.62. Great job!

Emily Kelly, Laura Kate Dekle, Kamden Batchik, and Camryn Lewis
Important Stadium Traffic Reminder

Only coaches, authorized team personnel, officials, and vehicles with a handicap tag are permitted to drive into the stadium area for activities outside of normal school hours. If you are picking-up or dropping-off your student for an activity at the stadium, please do so in front of the freshman academy building. Please do not pick-up, drop-off, or park/wait for your student at the four-way stop entering the stadium. If you are attending an event at the stadium, please make sure to park in front of the school buildings and walk down to the stadium. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As always, thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Governor’s Honors Program

The 2018–2019 governor's honors program timeline is now available. All students interested in the governor’s honor program should contact a member of the department in their intended area of study.

Important Dates

The counseling department would like you to be aware of some important dates throughout this school year. Please see the important dates parent flyer for a listing of those dates and a description of each event. You can also check out the Counseling page for more information. Thank you!

SAT and ACT Registration

Have you registered for the ACT or SAT? Check out our links below for test information. Good luck to all of our testing students!