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Harrison High School
Harrison High School
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There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Visit our News page to learn about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more. 

Information on Final Exams

Please take note of our senior final-exam schedule:

  • May 17 – 3rd and 4th periods (11:53 a.m.–3:30 p.m.)
  • May 18 – 1st and 2nd periods (8:20 a.m.–11:47 a.m.)

Our underclassmen final-exam schedule is as follows:

  • May 22 - 1st period exam (8:20 a.m.–9:50 a.m.), break (9:50 a.m.–10:05 a.m.), 2nd period exam (10:05 a.m.–11:35 a.m.)
  • May 23 - 3rd period exam (8:20 a.m.-9:50 a.m.), break (9:50 a.m.–10:05 a.m.), 4th period exam (10:05 a.m.–11:35 a.m.)
  • Early dismissal at 11:35 a.m.

All courses will have a final assessment, including those classes that took an EOC test. We will not give final exams early. Students who miss a final exam will receive a zero (0) on the exam. Students must remain in class until the end of the period. Under no circumstances will we allow students to leave an exam early. Students who are exempting a final exam do not have to be at school during the exam time, but transportation is left to the parents.

We will provide bus service at the 11:35 a.m. early-dismissal time only. Students must leave campus immediately and not return during the rest of that school day. Please note that Cobb County policy states that students dismissed early may not go on other school campuses, including elementary and middle schools. Doing so may result in disciplinary action. Students must arrange in advance to leave campus any other way but by bus. We will not provide lunch, but Chick-fil-A biscuits will be on sale during the break time between exams on both days.

Please note this additional important information:

  • Report cards will be available via ParentVue during the week of June 4.
  • Learning Common books are due no later than May 11.
  • School is back in session for all students on Wednesday, August 1.
Parking On Campus

Due to upcoming SPLOST construction in the 2018-2019 school year, there will be fewer parking spaces available for students. We will still take parking applications for all eligible students with seniors having priority. There will be limited availability for juniors, and most likely no availability for sophomores. Please be aware that submitting an application for parking does not guarantee a parking spot. For students that do not receive a spot, we encourage carpooling or riding the bus to limit traffic on campus and to avoid potential towing. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding during this transitional period to improve our school facilities.

Summer School

Do you need to attend summer school? If so, Harrison High’s Summer Academy is available for students who failed a course during the 2017-2018 school year. Summer school is also for students who wish to fulfill the health and personal fitness graduation requirement. This academy will address the standards for a particular course, incorporate general skills needed to pass the next level class, and integrate PSAT/SAT skills. The failing grade will remain on the student’s transcript with an additional grade for the new course. Registration is currently open. We plan to offer the following courses:

  • 9th Literature
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Biology
  • Geometry 
  • Health (0.5 credit) 
  • Personal Fitness (0.5 credit) 
  • Physics

For more information and to register, please see our Harrison High School Summer Academy brochure and registration form.

Hoya Hello

Be sure to mark your calendar for our Hoya Hello on Monday, July 30, 2018! Hoya Hello is Harrison’s new school year orientation. At this event, students will be able to:

  • Get their class schedule!
  • Pick up textbooks!
  • Take their yearbook picture!
  • Pick up information on clubs/organizations and sports!
  • Find new bus location for morning drop-off and afternoon-up!

We will provide more details soon, please check back often.

New LGE Partnership With CCSD!

The LGE Community Credit Union (LGE) has partnered with the Cobb County School District (CCSD) to support our schools and students. As a new feature of this partnership, LGE has created High School Spirit Cards where each high school in our district will have their own VISA card (Debt or Credit) that contains their unique high school mascot logo along with the logos for LGE and CCSD. This is a great opportunity for each high school community (teachers, staff, students and parents) to participate in that this program is designed to create team spirit in each high school environment while at the same time, create an opportunity for each high school to raise additional funding. Please see our flyer for additional information.