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Teacher Blogs

Listed Alphabetically

Our teachers are listed alphabetically below. Each teacher's name is a link to that teacher's blog. The teacher's e-mail address is displayed to the right.

Teacher Name (links to blog)DepartmentE-mail Address
A Allard, Paulette Science
Attaway, Dennis Mathematics
B Baddock, Angela Fine Arts (Orchestra)
Balentine, Jeannie Special Education
Berry, Robin Science
Bowman, Michelle Mathematics
Brown, Elsa World Languages (Spanish)
Bruner, Kathryn Fine Arts (Visual Art)
Bruner, Marie Fine Arts (Drama)
Burrows, Carol Special Education
C Casey, Kelli English / Language Arts
Cassidy, Joshua Health & Physical Education
Childers, Steve Health & Physical Education
Churchill, Melissa Special Education
Clark, Megan World Languages (Spanish)
Clifton, Julie English / Language Arts
Copeland, Kevin Social Studies
Coviello, Karen Special Education
Crump, Clay Health & Physical Education
Crump, Randy Other Courses
Curley, Erin English / Language Arts
Curran, Nancy Science
D Dickmann, Kelly Special Education
Dickmann, Matt Health & Physical Education
E Earwood, Alora English / Language Arts
Elkins, Mark Health & Physical Education
F Fetner, Kristi English / Language Arts
Fiacco, Thomas Health & Physical Education
Freeman, Adam Health & Physical Education (Sports Medicine)
G Galuszka, Gayla World Languages (Spanish)
Garcia, Candice Special Education
Gorsuch, Marcie Social Studies
Greco, Glen Special Education
Grogan, Jonathan Fine Arts (Band)
Gross, Jonathan Social Studies
H Hagerty, Francine Special Education
Heiges, Karen Science
Henghold, Mitch Special Education
Herndon, Shannon Social Studies
Hodorowski, Michael Mathematics
Holmgren, Meredith Mathematics
Howerton, Shelley Science
J James, Laura Mathematics
Jamison, Elizabeth English / Language Arts
Johnson, Carmen Science
Johnson, Kimberly Mathematics
Johnson, Sherri Careers & Technology
Jones, Amy Mathematics
Jones, Matt Health & Physical Education
Jones, Melissa Social Studies
Jones, Nancy Social Studies
K Kemp, Terry Careers & Technology
Kiger, Renae Special Education
King, Kristin World Languages (Spanish)
Kirkley, Stephen English / Language Arts
L Lenahan, Steve Special Education
M McCarter, Kim English / Language Arts
McCullough, Denease Fine Arts (Visual Art)
McKibbon, Mary Mathematics
Meese, Jeffrey Social Studies
Miller, Lani Science
N Needham, Mark Careers & Technology
O Oberste, Judy English / Language Arts
Ogbuagu, Christy Special Education
Olejack, Andrew Special Education
P Petersen, Olivia Health & Physical Education
Phelps, Bill Careers & Technology (Broadcast / Video Production)
Poole, Lucia Mathematics
Poteet, Tammy Special Education
R Ray, Josh Fine Arts (Band)
Reason, Holly Social Studies
Riccard, Steve Health & Physical Education
S Sanford, Rachael English / Language Arts
Schomer, Scott Science
Scott, Jason Mathematics
Sellors, Alyssa English / Language Arts
Shelton, Sean Social Studies
Simmons, Kent Social Studies
Smith, Elizabeth Other Courses
Smith, Robin Science
Spaeth, Karen Science
Stewart, Deanna Health & Physical Education
Stewart, Lauren World Languages (Spanish)
Storey, Jake Social Studies
Sullivan, Alison Science
Swain, Katherine Mathematics
T Tanner, Gina Health & Physical Education
Tarvin, Allison Science
Tarvin, Stewart World Languages (Latin)
Tatum, Stephanie English / Language Arts
Taylor, Clay Special Education
Thompson, Robert Social Studies
Thomson, Robert Special Education
W Walker, Jack Fine Arts (Choral Music)
Walsh, Megan Mathematics
Ward, Carey Careers & Technology (Broadcast / Video Production)
Watson, Kim Mathematics
Weaver, Macon English / Language Arts
Weir, Tracy World Languages (French)
Williamson, Nick Health & Physical Education