Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Teacher Blogs

Listed Alphabetically

Our teachers are listed alphabetically below. Each teacher's name is a link to that teacher's blog. The teacher's e-mail address is displayed to the right.

Teacher Name (links to blog)DepartmentE-mail Address
A Allard, Paulette Science paulette.allard@cobbk12.org
Attaway, Dennis Mathematics dennis.attaway@cobbk12.org
B Baddock, Angela Fine Arts (Orchestra) angela.baddock@cobbk12.org
Balentine, Jeannie Special Education jeannie.balentine@cobbk12.org
Berry, Robin Science robin.berry@cobbk12.org
Bowman, Michelle Mathematics michelle.bowman@cobbk12.org
Brown, Elsa World Languages (Spanish) elsa.brown@cobbk12.org
Bruner, Kathryn Fine Arts (Visual Art) kathryn.bruner@cobbk12.org
Bruner, Marie Fine Arts (Drama) marie.bruner@cobbk12.org
Burrows, Carol Special Education carol.burrows@cobbk12.org
C Casey, Kelli English / Language Arts kelli.casey2@cobbk12.org
Cassidy, Joshua Health & Physical Education joshua.cassidy@cobbk12.org
Childers, Steve Health & Physical Education steve.childers@cobbk12.org
Churchill, Melissa Special Education melissa.churchill@cobbk12.org
Clark, Megan World Languages (Spanish) megan.clark@cobbk12.org
Clifton, Julie English / Language Arts julie.clifton@cobbk12.org
Copeland, Kevin Social Studies kevin.copeland@cobbk12.org
Coviello, Karen Special Education karen.coviello@cobbk12.org
Crump, Clay Health & Physical Education clay.crump@cobbk12.org
Crump, Randy Other Courses randy.crump@cobbk12.org
Curley, Erin English / Language Arts erin.waddell@cobbk12.org
Curran, Nancy Science nancy.curran@cobbk12.org
D Dickmann, Kelly Special Education kelly.dickmann@cobbk12.org
Dickmann, Matt Health & Physical Education matt.dickmann@cobbk12.org
E Earwood, Alora English / Language Arts alora.earwood@cobbk12.org
Elkins, Mark Health & Physical Education mark.elkins@cobbk12.org
F Fetner, Kristi English / Language Arts kristi.fetner@cobbk12.org
Fiacco, Thomas Health & Physical Education thomas.fiacco@cobbk12.org
Freeman, Adam Careers & Technology adam.freeman@cobbk12.org
G Galuszka, Gayla World Languages (Spanish) gayla.galuszka@cobbk12.org
Garcia, Candice Special Education candice.garcia@cobbk12.org
Gorsuch, Marcie Social Studies marcie.gorsuch@cobbk12.org
Greco, Glen Special Education glen.greco@cobbk12.org
Grogan, Jonathan Fine Arts (Band) jonathan.grogan@cobbk12.org
Gross, Jonathan Social Studies jonathan.gross@cobbk12.org
H Hagerty, Francine Special Education francine.hagerty@cobbk12.org
Heiges, Karen Science karen.heiges@cobbk12.org
Henghold, Mitch Special Education mitch.henghold@cobbk12.org
Herndon, Shannon Social Studies shannon.herndon@cobbk12.org
Hodorowski, Michael Mathematics michael.hodorowski@cobbk12.org
Holmgren, Meredith Mathematics meredith.holmgren@cobbk12.org
Howerton, Shelley Science shelley.howerton@cobbk12.org
J James, Laura Mathematics laura.james@cobbk12.org
Jamison, Elizabeth English / Language Arts elizabeth.jamison@cobbk12.org
Johnson, Carmen Science carmen.johnson@cobbk12.org
Johnson, Kimberly Mathematics kimberly.johnson2@cobbk12.org
Johnson, Sherri Careers & Technology sherri.johnson@cobbk12.org
Jones, Amy Mathematics amy.jones@cobbk12.org
Jones, Matt Health & Physical Education matthew.jones1@cobbk12.org
Jones, Melissa Social Studies melissa.wilson@cobbk12.org
Jones, Nancy Social Studies nancy.jones@cobbk12.org
K Kemp, Terry Careers & Technology terry.kemp@cobbk12.org
Kiger, Renae Special Education renae.kiger@cobbk12.org
King, Kristin World Languages (Spanish) kristin.king@cobbk12.org
Kirkley, Stephen English / Language Arts stephen.kirkley@cobbk12.org
L Lenahan, Steve Special Education steven.lenahan@cobbk12.org
M McCarter, Kim English / Language Arts kimberly.mccarter@cobbk12.org
McCullough, Denease Fine Arts (Visual Art) mary.mccullough@cobbk12.org
McKibbon, Mary Mathematics mary.mcKibbon@cobbk12.org
Meese, Jeffrey Social Studies jeffrey.meese@cobbk12.org
Miller, Lani Science lani.miller@cobbk12.org
N Needham, Mark Careers & Technology mark.needham@cobbk12.org
O Oberste, Judy English / Language Arts judy.oberste@cobbk12.org
Ogbuagu, Christy Special Education christy.ogbuagu@cobbk12.org
Olejack, Andrew Special Education andrew.olejack@cobbk12.org
P Petersen, Olivia Health & Physical Education olivia.petersen@cobbk12.org
Phelps, Bill Careers & Technology (Broadcast / Video Production) william.phelps@cobbk12.org
Poole, Lucia Mathematics lucia.poole@cobbk12.org
Poteet, Tammy Special Education tammy.poteet@cobbk12.org
R Ray, Josh Fine Arts (Band) joshua.ray@cobbk12.org
Reason, Holly Social Studies holly.reason@cobbk12.org
Riccard, Steve Health & Physical Education steve.riccard@cobbk12.org
S Sanford, Rachael English / Language Arts rachael.sanford@cobbk12.org
Schomer, Scott Science scott.schomer@cobbk12.org
Scott, Jason Mathematics jason.scott@cobbk12.org
Sellors, Alyssa English / Language Arts alyssa.sellors@cobbk12.org
Shelton, Sean Social Studies sean.shelton@cobbk12.org
Simmons, Kent Social Studies kent.simmons@cobbk12.org
Smith, Elizabeth Other Courses elizabeth.smith@cobbk12.org
Smith, Robin Science robin.smith@cobbk12.org
Spaeth, Karen Science karen.spaeth@cobbk12.org
Stewart, Deanna Health & Physical Education deanna.stewart@cobbk12.org
Stewart, Lauren World Languages (Spanish) lauren.stewart@cobbk12.org
Storey, Jake Social Studies jake.storey@cobbk12.org
Sullivan, Alison Science alison.sullivan@cobbk12.org
Swain, Katherine Mathematics katherine.swain@cobbk12.org
T Tanner, Gina Careers & Technology gina.tanner@cobbk12.org
Tarvin, Allison Science allison.tarvin@cobbk12.org
Tarvin, Stewart World Languages (Latin) stewart.tarvin@cobbk12.org
Tatum, Stephanie English / Language Arts stephanie.tatum@cobbk12.org
Taylor, Clay Special Education clayton.taylor@cobbk12.org
Thompson, Robert Social Studies robert.thompson@cobbk12.org
Thomson, Robert Special Education robert.thomson@cobbk12.org
W Walker, Jack Fine Arts (Choral Music) jack.walker@cobbk12.org
Walsh, Megan Mathematics megan.walsh@cobbk12.org
Ward, Carey Careers & Technology (Broadcast / Video Production) carey.ward@cobbk12.org
Watson, Kim Mathematics kim.watson@cobbk12.org
Weaver, Macon English / Language Arts macon.weaver@cobbk12.org
Weir, Tracy World Languages (French) tracy.weir@cobbk12.org
Williamson, Nick Health & Physical Education edward.williamson@cobbk12.org