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Harrison High School
Harrison High School
Students pose together in a hallway, with a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade sign and instruments and in a pool with American flags paw print

act & sat hall of fame

Students at Carl Harrison High School bring honor to themselves and to the school by their work and performances in many areas, including students who earned high scores on the ACT and the SAT college entrance exams.

Kudos to our scholars

Join us in celebrating these achievements and congratulating the students listed here. You can also see the names of the students with perfect scores on the commemorative plaques displayed on the walls of the Main Street hallway in the main school building.

Note: For both the ACT and SAT, we have included the student’s name and test date in the designated high score club. We also note when students achieve a perfect score on one of the sections. In 2005, the SAT added a writing section and also renamed the verbal section to critical reading. As a result, we changed the Hall of Fame categories to 1950 or greater to reflect the new scoring.

In 2016, SAT deleted the writing section and renamed the critical reading section to evidence based reading and writing. As a result we changed the Hall of Fame categories to 1300 or greater to reflect these changes in scoring.