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Harrison High School
Harrison High School
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If you have a question about Harrison High School, our FAQ page is one of the best places to find the answer. We've provided answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. If you don't find what you need here, we're always happy to answer your questions personally. Just give us a call!

What is Harrison's Grading System?

We grade our students based on the following scale:

  • A = 90 - 100 
  • B = 80 - 89 
  • C = 74 - 79 
  • D = 70 - 73 
  • F = Below 70 
  • I = Incomplete

We assign an incomplete when a student has not been able to complete course requirements due to an extended illness. If the student does not make up the work within 14 calendar days after the end of the term, the incomplete work will be counted as zeros, and a grade will be assigned for the course.

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What is the dress code at Harrison High School?

At Harrison High School, we expect our students to maintain an acceptable standard of dress. The minimum standard of dress for students is as follows:

  • We require all students of the Cobb County School System to maintain the level of personal hygiene necessary to ensure a healthful school environment and to refrain from any mode of dress which proves to contribute to any disruption of school functions.
  • We encourage all students of the Cobb County School System to observe a standard of grooming and dress consistent with the level of formality of the school situation.
  • Administrators and teachers shall enforce the dress code policy. The principal or his designee shall be the final judge as to the appropriateness, neatness, and cleanliness of the apparel, or whether or not apparel is disruptive, distracting, or in violation of the dress code.
  • All students shall maintain an acceptable standard of dress. The minimum standard of dress for students is as follows:
    • Shoes shall be worn. We do not permit bedroom shoes or slippers.
    • Clothing or ornamentation displaying or advertising substances illegal for minors is prohibited. Suggestive phrases, designs, markings, or profanities are also prohibited.
    • Shirts must meet the following criteria:
      • No midriff shirts, blouses, or tops. No skin is exposed on the torso at any time.
      • No sheer or “see through” garments.
      • No low cut necklines.
      • No back-less tops.
      • No body-tight spandex or stretch material.
      • No cutoff sleeves.
      • No racer back shirts.
      • No strapless shirts.
      • No tank tops of any kind (girls) 
      • No off-the-shoulder shirts.
    • Appropriate undergarments are required. Undergarments, including boxer shorts, should not be visible.
    • No headgear of any kind is permitted in the building. This includes hats, caps, bandannas, headbands, sweat-bands, and hoods.
    • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be of an acceptable length.
      • The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend below mid-thigh.
      • If yoga pants or leggings are worn, a long shirt must be worn. 
    • Pajama pants may not be worn.
    • When fitted properly at the waist, clothing, including pants, skirts and dresses may not contain noticeable holes above the knee.
    • Pants and trousers must fit with no sagging that exposes undergarments. Pants must be secured around the waist.
  • We expect students to adhere to the above guidelines when dressing for school. If there is any doubt about the appropriateness of an item, please do not wear it!

    Dress Code Violations
  • We will not allow students to attend class improperly dressed. Dress code violations are cumulative for both semesters. 
    • First Offense – Students will receive a warning.
    • Second Offense – Student will receive an administrative detention.
    • Third and Subsequent Offenses - Student will receive two days of ISS for insubordination and will remain in ISS the day of the infraction, plus one day.
  • To learn more, please see our Dress Code information found in the Student Quick Links on the Home page.
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May students use cell phones or other electronics during school hours?
Students may not use or turn on cell phones, communication devices, or other electronic communication devices during instructional class time unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. A summary of Cobb County personal communications and electronics devices use guidelines follows: Students may not use, display, or turn on cellular phones, video phones, or electronic devices during instructional time or on school-operated vehicles, including buses. Back to Top

What if my child must be absent?

We expect our students to attend all classes. The State Board of Education counts the following circumstances as excused absences: 

  1. Personal illness 
  2. Death or illness of a family member 
  3. Recognized religious holidays observed by the students faith 
  4. Absences mandated by a state agency 
  5. Conditions which render school attendance impossible or hazardous to the student's health and safety 
  6. Students who serve as a page in the Georgia General Assembly.

If you are absent, you must bring a written statement from your parent or guardian and give it to Admin 2 within three days of returning to school. This note should include the reason for absence, the dates of the absence(s), the home and work phone numbers where a parent can be reached, and a parent signature. We will not accept notes unless phone numbers are included.

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Does Harrison offer food services?

Cobb County School District offers a nutritious breakfast and lunch for our students at Harrison High School. For information on paying for meals and additional details, please see our District Nutrition page.

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Does Harrison High School offer bus transportation?

The Cobb County School District offers bus transportation for students who live more than one mile from the school in their attendance area. They do not provide transportation for students who reside one mile or less from the school. You can find your bus number and bus stop information with the online search query.

All students must ride their assigned bus unless a requested change is approved in advance through Admin 4. Approval of an alternate bus request is contingent upon availability of space on the bus. We require students to submit a written request from the parent for a student to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Students must deliver the note to Admin 4 before school, and it must include the following information:

  • The first and last name of the student for which the change is requested
  • The first and last name of the student with whom the requesting student will be riding
  • The bus number the student is requesting to ride
  • A daytime phone number of the parent for verification purposes
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May students park on campus?

Student parking is a privilege and not a right. We provide students with parking space on campus, but we have insufficient spaces to accommodate all students who wish to drive a vehicle to school. We therefore sell permits and issue parking spaces according to established priorities. For more information on how to apply for a parking space, please see our Student Parking page. 

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